Jun 20
May 08
Jul 10

Prayers for Dallas

Today, Trinity will join the New Baptist Covenant family in the following litany. Original content of this post comes from an email shared by the New Baptist Covenant. Copyright © 2016 New Baptist Covenant, All rights reserved. Brothers and Sisters, This is a time to mourn. The tragic loss of five lives in Dallas... read more →
Jun 26

Love for Orlando

The following is a personal response to recent acts of hatred and violence from Trinity's very own Mike Robertson. If we do not have LOVE, we have nothing else to offer! If we do not speak words of LOVE we have nothing else to say. If we do not act out... read more →
Oct 15

Social Media and the Lordship of Christ

By Joe LaGuardia Over the past two years, many church visitors found Trinity by its website.  Our online presence is a major draw for our guests, second only to personal invitations. If that is the case, then it stands to reason that churches, especially those concerned about fulfilling Jesus' Great Commission, need... read more →
Jun 23

“I Got Nothing”: Narrative Wreckage and Charleston

Photo courtesy of CBS New York. (Photo by David Goldman-Pool/Getty Images) In the wake of last week’s domestic terrorist attack against Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, South Carolina, Jon Stewart of The Daily Show delivered an extemporaneous monologue. Stewart said that he was unable to focus on prepping for his show all day,... read more →
Apr 19
Feb 23

One Baptist Woman’s Testimony

By Kristina LaGuardia This morning we had the honor of celebrating Baptist Women in Ministry and the privilege of hearing what God had for us through the words of Karen Woods. I have been a part of Baptist life for most of my life. Having been raised in a Baptist... read more →