Dec 11

December 9 – Seeking Peace; Psalm 34:1-14

Cy Lynch, pastor of Trinity Baptist Church, reflects on Psalm 34:1-14 to show that peace is more than the absence of conflict or adversity and how one's relationship with God is a door for spiritual peace. Specifically, real peace comes from recognizing nearness of our personal God who enables us... read more →
Dec 04

December 2 – Hope in God’s Grace; Psalm 80:1-7; 17-19

Cy Lynch, pastor of Trinity Baptist Church, reflects on the three-fold aspect of awaiting during Advent, including how we await the coming of God's Kingdom and salvation through God's people today. He explains how Psalm 80:1-7 and 17-19 teaches that God is our only source of true hope through God's... read more →
Nov 18

November 18 – Petitioning God for Daily Needs; Matthew 6:11-13

Cy Lynch, pastor of Trinity Baptist Church, concludes his series on "Transformational Prayer, reflecting on the last half of the Lord''s Prayer. There we learn that after praising and recognizing God (v. 9) and interceding for God’s priorities in the world (v. 10), we can confidently approach God as loving... read more →
Nov 11
Nov 11

Start of Advent – Hanging of the Green

Our Advent Season starts with our annual “Hanging of the Green” Service on December 2 at 10:30 am. You don’t want to miss this special time of reflecting on the meaning of the symbols of the season. Invite someone to join you. The celebration continues with a Churchwide Advent Kickoff... read more →
Nov 05
Oct 25
Oct 25
Oct 25

October 21 – Historical Drama – Jacob and Esau

Octobers are different here at Trinity as we celebrate the arts each Sunday morning during what we have called "Christival" for over 20 years. The Book of Genesis recounts of the relationship between fraternal twins Jacob and Esau focusing on Esau's loss of his birthright to Jacob and the conflict... read more →
Oct 19

October 14 – Dramatic Reading – Christival Week 2

"Where Love Is, There is God Also" (sometimes translated as "Where Love Is, God Is" or "Martin the Cobbler") is a short story by Russian author Leo Tolstoy. From October 14, the second week of our Christival celebration of the arts, here is Pastor Cy's dramatic reading of his condensation... read more →