Mar 23

March 20, 2016: Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday service included the sermon, "Leading from Behind," by Joe LaGuardia.  The Scripture lesson is Luke 19:28-40, read by Deacon Ray Allen.
Mar 16

March 13, 2016: Fifth Sunday in Lent

The fifth Sunday in Lent included preaching on Matthew 3:1-13 by Kristina LaGuardia; solo by Canangela Boyd-Robertson, and anthem by the choir, directed by Dr. Karen Beam. Sermon: "Spring Cleaning", by Kristina LaGuardia.  Scripture, Matthew 3:1-13, is read by Deacon Gabe Killman. Solo,... read more →
Mar 06

March 6, 2016: Fourth Sunday of Lent

The fourth Sunday of Lent included special music by Canangela Boyd-Robertson and the choir, "Give Me Jesus," with Dr. Karen Beam directing; and sermon based on Luke 15:1-2, 11-32, "I Wonder if That's What God is Like," co-preached by Joe and Kristina LaGuardia.  Scripture ready by Jackson Thomas. Anthem, "Give... read more →
Feb 28

Feb. 28, 2016: Third Sunday of Lent

The third Sunday of Lent included two special songs, including "The Magnificent Cross" by the ladies' ensemble, with Maddie Rosipal, Haleigh LaGuardia, and Johnna Ryan; and a solo by Lyonnette Davis.  The sermon is based on Luke 13:1-9, "Responsible Discipleship," by Joe LaGuardia; scripture read by Rev. Matt Cook. Anthem by... read more →
Feb 21

Feb. 21, 2016: Second Sunday of Lent

The sermon on the Second Sunday of Lent was "Behold God's Beauty," based on Psalm 27, by Joe LaGuardia.  Deacon Kristina LaGuardia read scripture.  The anthem, "No More Night," was performed by Ed Boss. Sermon, "Behold God's Beauty" Anthem, "No More Night," by... read more →
Feb 14

Feb. 14, 2016: First Sunday of Lent

In the first Sunday of Lent, Joe LaGuardia preached on Luke 4:1-13; sermon title: "Our Hungry Hunger."  Deacon Kristina LaGuardia read the scripture.
Jan 31

Jan. 31, 2016: Sermon and Anthem

January 31st, Joe LaGuardia preaches on Luke 4:14-21; Canangela Boyd-Robertson and the Trinity Choir, with Dr. Karen Beam directing. Anthem, "Where No One Stands Alone." Sermon, "No Place Like Home"
Jan 25
Jan 25

Jan. 17, 2015: Martin Luther King, Jr. Celebration

This year's MLK, Jr., celebration featured guest preacher Rev. Gary Burke of Lakewood Church of Hope, Atlanta.  Deacon Kristina LaGuardia read scripture and Rev. Matt Cook provided the introduction.
Jan 13

Jan. 10, 2015: “In The Fullness of Time: We Have Peace”

January 10th service was the second in an Epiphany series, "In the Fullness of Time," based on the letter of Ephesians and the Gospel accounts of Jesus' early life and ministry.  In this full service, Matt Cook did welcome; the choir did anthem; Karen Woods did the pastoral prayer; and... read more →